Monday, March 11, 2013

WhyFi? Because...

Every once in a while you feel the urge to abandon all reason and just go nuts. My friends Tiddo Muda and Conchita Mulder felt the same uncontrollable desire to make a crazy animation and we teamed up on this little snack here. WhyFi was born from the loins of commission deadline compromise and the childlike wish to animate extreme actions (Pokeball... away!).
In between projects we thought: What the glob? Why not? And just went ahead with a very short and simple idea. Conchita donated her spare time to seriously bomb that sh*t, adding awesome flames into the mixture. Tiddo poured in his insatiable love for design, compositing like a crazyman. And I completely freaked on extreme character animation. Yes, EXTREME character animation.

Check out the result here: WhyFi

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