Book Trailers

Five booktrailers I made for the promotion of reading amoung young adolescents.

Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush from Marlyn Spaaij on Vimeo.

Science Fiction

An animation I did for urban screens, which explains the lack of sound. I'm thinking of adding sound to it just for other usage.

Tussen de Plooien van Haar Vel

I made this animation in my second-year at the Utrecht school of the Arts.

Raaf Mixer Leader

The Leader for the series Raaf Mixer. Raaf Mixer was an internet series by Villa Achterwerk. Concept: Alieke van Saarloos and Sia Hermandes. Directed by: Marlyn Spaaij. Artwork: Conchita Mulder. Animation: Tiddo Muda and Marlyn Spaaij.

Yves Ensemble Vervreemding

This animation was projected on shapes hanging in mid-air during a concert of the Yves Ensemble. This animation is the second out of four and was projected during the "changements" on stage. Animators: Natali Voorthuis and Marlyn Spaaij. Coloring and Compositing: Marlyn Spaaij.

Junkyard Shot 234

Shot 234 for the animated  film Junkyard (target releasedate 2012) from Hisko Hulsing on Vimeo.

A shot from the film Junkyard by Hisko Hulsing. I animated the runcycle of the caravan.

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